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Judaism is a 'reshus' (domain), so that people within that domain (of God) are Jewish and people who are not within that domain are not Jewish. The halachah determines who is and who is not in this domain, for example the halachah determines that a black convert is Jewish, because they are within this reshus, and the child of an inter-marriage (Jewish ...


At first glance the daughter is either herself a convert, or the product of a kohen's prohibited marriage to a convert, i.e. a chalala. Either way she'd be prohibited from marrying a Kohen.


Yes, the statement has Halachis implications. For example: Does a convert who had children before converting need to have more children Yevamos 62a Does a child born before conversion prevent the "first born son" born after the conversion from being considered a first born Yevamos 62a Are brothers from before conversion considered brothers Yevamos 97b ...


dinonline says that it seems it is not allowed unless in exceptional circumstances.


no, it is not possible....conversions are something invented by the Pharisees to secure their hold over the people....there are no conversions in the 5 books of moses and no procedure given...there is not one convert mentioned by name in the 5 books of moses....the assertion by rambam that the wives of solomon and samson converted is totally unsubstantiated ...

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