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They were from the Jews that Hashem wanted to kill at the plague of darkness so Moshe begged Hashem to give them a chance and this is what happened


There is a concept of "cutting off from Israel". I.e Shemot 12:15. Whoever eats leaven on Passover is cut off from Israel. Such person is definitely not Jewish. There are other similar prohibitions in the Torah. I.e Shemot 30:33, 38, Vaikra 7:20. Etc.


"Three signs are there for this nation: they are rachmanim, merciful; bayshanim, have a sense of shame; and gomlei chasadim, perform acts of kindness" (Yevamot 89a). if you meet the other requirements like doubleaa mentioned but lack these investigate deeply your yichus (geneology)


The Gemara in Yoma 38b says: מאי ושם רשעים ירקב? אמר ר' אלעזר רקביבות תעלה בשמותן דלא מסקינן בשמייהו What is the meaning of ‘But the name of the wicked shall rot’? — R. Eleazar said: Rottenness enters their names, none name their children after them. Rashi comments: דלא מסקי בשמייהו - לא יקרא אדם לבנו שם אדם רשע, one should not name his son ...


Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky is known for saying (as brought in ויקרא שמו בישראל) that certain "modern" names, such as Shira, are "not real names" and people with such names should have their names changed. Don't ask me how he deals with his own name (which also doesn't appear anywhere in the Torah as a name)! By no means is his 'Psak' universal, however ...

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