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You can often find an Orthodox community in the same way that Orthodox Jews often find them when traveling in places where they have no connections: by Googling for them! A Google search for "Orthodox Synagogue " will often be sufficient for finding the Orthodox community in a particular city. Once you have found a synagogue that looks good to you, start ...


Maimonides states in the Laws of Forbidden Sexual Relations 13:4, that a non-Jew immerses in a mikveh by himself, it has no effect. The Shulchan Aruch in Y"D 268:3 holds this way as well, provided one did not previously accept the commandments on oneself in front of three Jews. (See Be'er Heitiv that '2' in the S"A may refer to the requirement to at least ...


The most main stream view that I know of is that they converted to "Hebrew" Monotheism, because Avrahom was a Hebrew.


See S.A. C. M. 7, 1 A Ger can not be part of a Beth Din for Yisrael, even concerning money, but Ger can judge an other Ger. This is for forced din, but in non-forced din, a Ger can judge Yisrael (Sma sk 4, Shach sk 1). We learn this from the verse "מקרב אחיך" "from your brothers" Source in Yebamot 102a: A proselyte may, according to Pentateuchal law, ...

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