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In order to convert one has to accept all the commandments, which includes circumcision. If one would clearly not want to accept one of the commandments no Orthodox Rabbi would do such a conversion. http://www.hebrewbooks.org/pagefeed/hebrewbooks_org_12136_14.pdf


Circumcision is one of the Torah's 613 commandments (#86 of the רמב"ם's list; בראשית יז:י). A convert to Judaism has to accept all of them. If he does not accept even one of those commandments, he is not accepting Judaism, and has not converted. If he accepts that is a valid commandment but doesn't wish to fulfill it, he might as well not convert, so ...


As Shalom alluded to there are two ways to evaluate circumcision vis-a-vis a Ger. One is that it is part of the process of becoming Jewish (for a man). In that case, there is really nothing to start with - if he isn't getting a circumcision it isn't doing the process, he doesn't become Jewish. However, in the case where he can't have a circumcision, there ...

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