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Shirei Musar Haskel - שירי מוסר השכל - page 39 mentions that in a few locations - (see for example) in the Peirush of Rabbi Moshe Butril to Sefer Yetzira he mentions Rav Hai Gaon as the author of Sefer Hakemitza which is on Kabala.


Rabbeinu Bachaye to Shemos 13:2 וכתב רבינו חננאל ז״ל שהוליכם דרך המדבר לסבה אחרת והיא כדי להרבות להם אותות ומופתים כי אילו הוליכם דרך ארץ פלשתים הקרוב ויתן הקב"ה בלבם שיתנו להם רשות לעבור דרך ארצם ושלא יעכבו אותם כלל היה האות קל ועל כן חייבה החכמה להסב אותם דרך המדבר להיות האותות רבים וגדולים כירידת המן ועלית השלו והוצאת מים מן הצור ...


Regarding your main question: My question is: If the Geonic tradition is clear on this point, why did some Rishonim require one to wait no matter what? When there was a shift from one era to another, they were accompanied by major shifts in the world as well. One of the main differences between Geonim and Rishonim is the shift towards logical ...


The Maor HaGadol (R' Zerachiah HaLevi) discusses this issue on Shabbat 11b in the pagination of the Rif. He argues that in fact the halacha follows Rebbe and not R Yochanan ben Nuri (RYBN) that tzitzit require both blue and white to be kosher. He makes 3 arguments to this end: RYBN is a lone opinion and the general rule is that the halacha follows Rebbe ...


The Rambam, in Hilchos Tzitzis (halacha 4) reads ד התכלת, אינו מעכב את הלבן; והלבן, אינו מעכב את התכלת. כיצד: הרי שאין לו תכלת, עושה לבן לבדו; וכן אם עשה לבן ותכלת, ונפסק הלבן, ונתמעט עד הכנף, ונשאר התכלת לבדו--כשר. The [absence of] techelet does not prevent [the mitzvah from being fulfilled with] the white strands, nor does the [absence of] the white ...


It is an explicit Gemara in Chulin 105a that Mar Ukva's father waited from one day to the next between meat and milk, whereas he only waited between one meal and the next. So the post-Geonim did have something to base their opinion on.


When the sun sets, the light decreases in accordance with the sun moving lower and lower than the horizon (of course not the sun is moving but rather the earth is moving). The decreasing of the light is what gradually enables us to see more and more stars, until we reach complete darkness (no light from the sun) and we can see all the visible stars. ...

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