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Rav Shimshon Rafael Hirsch (R'ei - 11:30) says that the language (הלא המה) implies that the mountains were already known to the people. He also says that their difference from each other as well as the point that they were actually the first place that Avrohom built an altar could account for this. Note that as described, one mountain is lush and green and ...


It's pure geometry. The simplest example of this in 3D is that the surface area of a hemisphere is double the surface area of a flat circle, so if you grow things on the surface you have double the area (wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphere). Area of circle = pi*r*r Area of curved part of hemisphere = 2*pi*r*r EDIT: Obviously, this is just a simple example to ...


Judea and Samaria most certainly falls into halachic E.Y. borders. In fact, during the first two temples, that was the center of Jewish life. There may be questions regarding Azza, south of Negev (including Eilat), and the Golan.

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