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The answer is Yes and No. Part of Lebanon is Halachically Eretz Yisrael and part is not. See Shviit.com where they say The northern border of Eretz Yisroel lies somewhere in Lebanon


The sefer Niflaos Mitoras HaShem Yisborach discusses this point in length in chapter 3. He points out that the 10 tribes which sinned much earlier with Avoda Zora, were situated to the North of Shchem (where they split), which is where Har Eival, in which direction the curses were pronounced, is situated. The two tribes who stayed much longer loyal to ...


It branches off the Jordan river, running eastward through Gilead, just north of Mt Nebo and to the south of the Bashan. Today it is known as the Wadi Zerqa ("Blue River"). See the maps on pages 38 and 115 of Anson Rainey and Steven Notley, The Sacred Bridge (Jerusalem: Carta, 2006), and the information in Randall W. Younker, "Jabbok" in Anchor Bible ...


According to Shmuely Wollenberger in The Coffee Room at The Yeshiva World Rabbi Schachter held it was forbidden. Rav Schachter and his wife used to go for walks on Shabbos. They would cross part of the George Washington bridge then stop and turn around because the bridge is farther than the T'chum. From Gershon Dubin at ...

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