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Shavuah tov Libby. That is Hebrew and the traditional greeting Jewish people extend after the Sabbath. It is a wish, a small prayer that you, the receiver of the greeting, should have a good week, a week that leads to an increase in life. I'm not certain that I understand what you have said but it sounds like it is coming from the idea that the Jewish ...


The Sefer HaChinuch and Maimonides frequently say that the reason behind a Torah prohibition is that such foods/practices/clothing are used in idolatry i.e. the religious rites of other nations. Therefore, it would seem to be forbidden to eat any such food or do any such practice outright, even one not mentioned in classical sources.


The Yalkut Shimoni (Shoftim Ch. 4), commenting on the prophetess Devorah, says: מעיד אני עלי את השמים ואת הארץ, בין גוי בין ישראל, בין איש בין אשה, בין עבד בין שפחה, הכל לפי מעשיו של אדם רוח הקדש שורה עליו I call the heaven and earth to be my witnesses, whether a gentile or a Jew, whether a man or a woman, whether a slave or a maidservant, each ...


It's based on the Gemara on Chullin 94a.

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