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This question was once asked to Rav Yonatan Eybeschutz. He replied: We Jews only know of the major plots concocted to exterminate us; the non-Jews, however know how many additional plans of theirs were thwarted by G-d. Thus, at the end of days (as per Radak and general understanding), having been forced to recognize G-d's hand, they will praise Hashem 'for ...


Radak explain this as a reference to yemos haMoshiah, when Am Israel will be redeemed and all nations will come to recognize Hashem. This would explain why the other nations will praise G-d from what He will have done for us. See Isaiah in 2:3-4 and Micah 4:2-3.


Reb Moshe has about 3 teshuvos on this sort of thing, I think he is discussing teshuvah for homosexuality as far as I remember. The issue with having sex with a non-Jew is more a hapharas bris than an issur de'oraysah, in fact the rishonim are hard put to pinpoint exactly what the issur should be. I.e. you have violated the integrity of the Jewish people. ...


"Although it is clear enough that Jewish men should not touch women for reasons of niddah" This is not entirely exact. For the husband this is the reason, and nidda as a prohibition punished by Karet, not as a uncleanness. But a married wife married with an other man, despite that she is not nidda is prohibited because Eshet Ish. See Sefer Hachinuch ...

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