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Chazal identify Rome with Edom such as in Eicha Rabbasi (parsha 4): שישי ושמחי בת אדום. זו קיסרין ורומי However, the Parshablog here cites (and translates) Shadal as follows: And know that Edom mentioned in the Torah and other holy books {of Tanach} refers to the nation which dwells between the Reed Sea and the Dead Sea, and it was never the intent ...


Note that the definition of the seventy nations occurred in the Dor Hahaflagah (dispersion after the Migdal Bavel). As a result, the nations of Moav, Ammon, Yishmael, and Edom would not have been in existence at that time. I have seen references to the Vilna Gaon, such as in Nefesh Hachaim and this reference that the reference to ruling over 35 each, means ...

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