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(Rice-flour matza should work — but I don't know of any on the market. I suppose you can make some. Consult your rabbi before attempting it. Beyond that, and more practically speaking,) I can assure you from personal experience that those who don't eat gebrochts or kitniyos or egg matza will never say "m'zonos" on the first seven days of Pesach. ...


Bais Yitzchok 2:44 discusses using Matza from the previous year. He mentions Tosefta Pesachim - end of Chapter 2 which says one may use Matza from a previous year so long it was made for Pesach. The Yerushalmi in Pesachim 2:4 indicates that it is a matter of dispute, however the Yerushalmi clearly indicates that is when it was not made for Pesach. He goes on ...


From the Star-K: Matzos left over from previous years that were stored in places free of chometz may be used. TIP: If your oven has been kashered for Pesach, simply put them in the oven for a few minutes so the matzos will regain their crispness.

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