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The famous source of Gebroks is from the Shu"t of R' Shneur Zalman of Liadi (Siman 6) where he says "ובמי פירות פשיטא דאין להחמיר כלל כל הפסח" (One doesn't have to be strict [not to dip Matza in] fruit juice during Pesach). The simple reason is that it says in his Shulchan Aruch: וכל המשקין שבעולם שאינן מתולדות המים שיתבאר בסי' תס"ו הם נקראים מי פירות ...


There are those who are extremely careful about Gebrokts, to the point where they won't have Matzah and liquids on the table at the same time/eat the Matzah over a separate bag, etc. to ensure that there is no way any liquid could reach the Matzah. There are many others who aren't that extreme, yet still don't eat Gebrokts. As the "worry" of Gebrokts is ...

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