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According to Volume 3 Issue 8 of "Halachicly Speaking" (page 3) it is permissible for two reasons: No one bows down to snowmen A snowman does not last for very long.


I would assume that there's no issue, as these crosses were only made for a design (in the game) and would fall under the heter of Shulchan Aruch YD 141:1, where he permits any figure presumed to have been made for merely aesthetic purposes. Even though the crosses on the gravestones are meant to be religious symbols, these particular crosses aren't ...


I'd say, "mess away!" While relatively recent Hassidic sources have ascribed all sorts of significance to the dreidel, if I'm not mistaken the earliest sources simply discuss the practice of gambling on Chanukah. (Chavos Yair, if I'm not mistaken.) Dreidel seems to simply be a form of gambling that rabbis originally tolerated at best, that at some point ...


Sh'miras Shabas K'hilchasah 3:78: It is forbidden to classify mixed flatware in order to organize each type into the compartment designated for it. Likewise, it's forbidden to take all the pieces of one type and dry them and then put them in their compartment. But it's permissible to put each piece of flatware into its compartment immediately after ...


R' Tzvi Elimelech from Dinov (as well as the Chayey Adam) said that קרטן (cards) has the same Gematria as Satan and was the Klippa which the Greeks wanted to introduce to the Jews. Someone also pointed out that there are 36 cards which are the opposite side to the 36 Masechtos.


In the Dirshu Mishna Berura (based on the "Leshem") print, it is translated in a footnote as a game similar to "חמש אבנים" (lit. five stones) - when I was a kid it was called kuglach. It's similar to the game of jacks.


According to Rav Moshe Feinstein re:makeup on shabbos (where he asserts that Tochen-grinding would apply to face powders that are caked) tochen too would be a problem.


It's a form of a game called "jacks" or "knucklebones". See this. When I was young, I palyed with the round "spiky" jacks. One day, I visited my frum friends and they asked me if I wanted to play "kugelach". I said, "sounds delicious, especially if your mother made them!" I was serious; they burst out laughing, and brought out this bag of 5 golden cubes. I ...


There is definitely no question of Avodah Zarah if they are not worshiped or made for worshiping. As to the concern of Lo Ta'asun Iti, the prohibition of making even those statues of man not constructed for the purposes of worship, Shulchan Aruch YD 141:10 says that the statue needs to be of a full man in order to be prohibited. A bust with a head but no ...

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