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I have been a gabbai and the way I was trained was יעמוד בני יוסף without mentioning my own name. That is also the way that I have seen other gabbaim do it. When my sons who are gabbaim mention their children in a mi shebeirach (as an example) they also say 'Bni Ploni' or 'Biti Ploni' without using ben or bas and their names. When they call up their ...


According to my Rabbi, there is no obligation on a cohen, or anybody, to subserviently do any kibud (honor) asked of him. The rabbi did say that for the priestly blessing, if the cohanim are called, any cohen present is required to participate. He continued with stating that saying no at first would actually be proper ettiquete, as not to come of as ...


What I've always seen done was יעמוד בני יוסף בן שמעון where the Gabbai is Shimon.

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