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Nitei Gavriel Aveilus2 77:4 in the name of Orach Chaim 568:7 and Rama Yoreh Deah 402:12 and Maharash 457 that the day of the Yarzheit is always the day of death. However Shaalos U'Tshuvos Massas Binyamin 84 says that this is only after the first year, since if it is celebrated on the day of death on the first year, at times they will not have completed the ...


From a responsum of Rabbi Dickstein approved by the Rabbinical Assembly: When the exact date of death is unknown, one custom is to observe the date of the funeral as the yahrzeit. Another option, when it is impossible to determine the date of death, is for the relative to choose a day on which to observe the yahrzeit. This seems to be be most ...

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