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Kesubos 111a says: אמר רב ענן כל הקבור בארץ ישראל כאילו קבור תחת המזבח Rav Anan said: "Whoever is buried in the Land of Israel it is as if he was buried under the Altar." The Rambam brings this as a Halacha in Malachim 5:11 and says that it represents forgiveness of sin. The Chemdas Tzvi 4:56 discusses at length the meaning of this. One point he ...


Although rabbinic literature has yet to discuss death on Mars, the issue of being wholly buried underground, and the various complications to that happening (e.g., state requirements for burial in a coffin, a corpse under water, a buried corpse with limbs above ground, etc.), have been discussed. My theoretical answer depends on the work of the Rambam, the ...

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