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Noheg B'am - page 87 in the second column at the bottom in the name of Sefer Mili L'Mordechai mentions this Minhag for Shavuos based on the Targum Sheni in Megilas Esther Chapter 3. Haman told Achashveirosh that in Sivan the Jews go to their synagogues and throw apples. He mentions this Minhag is mentioned by רבי דוד הסבעוני in the name of Rabeinu Maimon the ...


It's the ... Shaagas Aryeh, I think? Noda Bihuda maybe? -- who observes that some hosts throw challah across that table rather than pass it. He suggests that the sacrificial meat actually had to be thrown, rather than placed, onto the fire of the mizbeach, so perhaps this connects to this practice. As for apples, my impression was that the rebbe is focused ...

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