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Some useful rules of thumb: If if moves, it's a bug. If it has legs,it's a bug. If it is asymmetrical, it's probably not a bug. My guess is that it's just sugar. In the future, you can keep the dates in the freezer if you're worried about them getting buggy. -Rebbetzin HaQoton


According to the Kof-K's bug checking guide if webbing or seedy substance is seen, worms may be present. What you are describing does not sound like webbing or seedy substance so I would say it is not a problem.


Shulchan Aruch O.C. 212:1 כל שהוא עיקר ועמו טפילה (פירוש דבר בלתי נחשב) מברך על העיקר ופוטר את הטפילה בין מברכה שלפניה בין מברכה שלאחריה Anything which is primary and has a secondary with it, make the blessing on the primary and exempt the secondary, both in the blessing before and after. This applies to a food no matter how "special" it is, as ...


Looks like it's a Haeitz. Sources: brochos.com which appears to be from the CRC.

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