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Saifer birchas hanenenin of the baal hatanya chapter 6 6.1 ... ובלבד שלא יהא מר או עפוץ (כלומר זויע"ר) ביותר עד שאינו ראוי לאכילה אפילו על ידי הדחק שאז אין מברכין עליו כלל ... only if it is not to bitter ... (Sour) untill it is not edible even when it is tough, (since) then you do not make a brocho on it at all 6.3 (ג) גרעיני הפירות אם ...


The bracha we make on seeds would follow what is sweet and pleasant to the palate like it says in Mishna Berura (202; 23). He says that if you desire the seed like the fruit you make a ha'etz on it, then he goes on to say that many argue on this and hold being that it's not really part of the fruit, and therefore should only be a ha'adama; and in M"B (202; ...

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