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There's a Gemara (Yoma 77a) which says that Hashem punished Gavriel with "60 Pulsa NeDenura" (whippings of fire). It implies that he made some kind of mistake there.


Rabbi Eliyahu Lopian citing the 'Sabba' of Kelm in the fomer's work Lev Eliyahu (Wisdom and Ethics, section 1 page 297) states without attribution that angels have free will but are so overpowered by their holiness (closeness to God?) they they choose not to sin. The author of Shevet Mussar in his work Aggadat Eliyahu (expounding on Yerushalmi Brachot 1:7) ...


The short and direct answers to your questions are: Evil was created by God from the beginning to enable man to exercise free will. Knowledge of good and evil is a necessity for man to make the right choices. This is why the Torah teaches us positive and negative commandments. Longer answer: Your questions are ones that are common, especially by those ...

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