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(physically maybe it takes time but legally (halochekly)) it is instant why should heat be different than (Shulchan Aruch - Yora Deaya 96.1) cutting a (spicy) radish that after one cut (probably even if the knife is very sharp so very fast) we say that the taste traveled kdai nitila (the thickness of a finger)?


The Chamudei Daniel has the famous opinion that for things that the Shulchan Aruch says "it becomes not kosher immediately", that means "if you don't pull them out immediately." More like a 2-second rule or so.


I take your question that you are asking that according to halocho, how much time do we need to consider that the taste had already halochakly traveled? It seems from Shulchan Aruch - Yora Deaya 92:2 (about a milk falling onto a peace of meat in a hot pot, and that if you were mixing right away or you closed the pot right away the rest of pot combines with ...


I had a similar question, which I asked a well-known posek and mechaber sfarim after he gave a shiur on borer. He shall remain nameless; you will soon see why. My case was about doing borer to take out frozen challa from the freezer long enough before the se'uda so that it could defrost. (This would seem to be even more meikel than your case, as it is ochel ...


In the Shulchan Aruch Harav (319:3) it says: ואינו קרוי לאלתר אלא סמוך לסעודה ממשיט אבל אם לא יאכל עד לאחר שעה אסור אך כל שהוא סמוך לסעודה מותר לברור לצורך כל אותה סעודה it seems from here that the main thing is not having it prepared a long time before the meal... but if the only way to have it prepared is by preparing it the night before, then you should ...


My Artscroll Machzor has this to say on the Seudah Hamafsekes: Immediately after the Minchah services, one should begin the seudah hamafsekes, the festive last meal before the fast. At this meal the challah is dipped into honey (as it is at the Rosh Hashanah meals). Strong wine and other intoxicating beverages should not be taken at the meal. ...

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