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The halacha you're citing is not a leniency that whatever is harmful to dogs is not food. It's a stringency that, even though chametz is no longer fitting for human consumption, as long as it remains a suitable feed for animals such as dogs, the prohibition applies. Anything which is considered food for humans doesn't even enter the discussion.


R' Cohen in Dose of Halacha quotes R' Ben-zion Abba Saul who does allow you to use flakes, though writes that others advise you to buy worms, etc. or something that is chametz free. Rambam (Chametz Umatza 4:8) and the Shulchan Aruch (OC 442:4) write that one does not need to dispose of a mixture containing chametz that is totally inedible (by humans). ...


Inasmuch as I believe @loewian's answer is the correct answer, I would add that according to one approach (this is the approach taken by Levushei Mordechai siman 86 and Divrei Malkiel 4:22:6, and accepted as Halacha by R' Blumenkrantz (of the publication "The Laws of Pesach")), the halacha of "would not be consumed by a dog" is only applicable to a food ...


I wrote to Dr. Ari Greenspan and R' Dr. Ari Zivotofky, who have hosted "Mesora Dinners," serving foods with interesting Halachic statuses, in various places. As far as they know, there are no kosher restaurants that include locusts on their menus. When they held the Mesora Dinners in the United States, the menu did not include actual locusts; they just got ...


I am linking here to the Star K guide http://www.star-k.org/2015PetFoodList.pdf. That may be a help. I will quote what they say about fish food. "Fish food and vacation blocks often contain chometz. Tetra Tropical Slow Release Gel Feeders (Tetra Weekend 5 days, and Tetra Vacation 14 days) are chometz free. Goldfish and Tropical fish can be given tubular ...


Feb 2015 Update Not anymore. From Star-K on Facebook: ALERT Soylent 1.4 Due to product reformulation, Soylent 1.4, a dietary supplement, manufactured by Rosa Labs, Los Angeles, CA, is no longer certified by Star-K. Previous versions of the Soylent product remain certified.


According to the cRc site: "Cranberries - Fresh do not require kosher certification. Dried require a reliable kosher certification. " The Star-K says that fresh produce bought in a supermarket poses no problem. Chabad.org writes, "Fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, however, do not require certification. " Page 92 of the OU Passover guide (from ...


The Arizal (Pri Eitz Chaim, Shaar Mikrah Kodesh, ch. 4) related it to the idea "Peh sach" - "a mouth converses" (as noted by sam in a comment). This can also be connected to the mitzvah of magid. See also: http://www.hebrewbooks.org/pagefeed/hebrewbooks_org_52839_131.pdf : The Arizal taught that the word "Pesach" is composed of the words peh sach, ...


If you live in Jerusalem, they sell Shmura Flour at 8 Rapapot St, next to the preschool, and there's usually a bunch of Hassidim making their own matza in a tent across the street.


r' moshe Feinstein in his responsa "iggros moshe" (exact source will be brought very soon! sorry!!) says that one may not, even for a rabbinic obligation, the reason being that the torah (and chazal) require a "ma'aseh achila" which only takes effect on a k'zayis, only once you have a ma'aseh achila of a k'zayis can other foods be used to complete a shiur of ...


since rama in 575 says we do not salt the matza on seder night we need to fulfill the custom of always having salt on the table. al kol karbanecha takriv melach. since the egg represents the korban chagigah this would be the appropriate time.

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