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The Chasam Sofer (Toras Moshe parshas Shemini) writes that the meaning of the Medrash (cited by many Rishonim) that the pig is called a חזיר because עתיד הקב"ה להחזירה לישראל - Hashem is going to "return" it to the Jewish people - is that the physiology of the pig will be altered to chew its cud (the Kosher sign that it currently does not have) and will ...


I'd asked Rabbi Hershel Welcher of Queens a similar question, about goats that were given a bit of spider genes so they would produce gossamer in their milk. He felt the concept of "zeh v'zeh gorem, mutar" applied -- as the spider genes would not have sufficed to produce an organism, such a goat is kosher. So the same should apply here.


Kosher speciation Generally speaking, we have a rule that "kol hayotzei min hatahor tahor, vichol hayotzei min hatamei tamei" ("that which comes from a kosher species is kosher, and that which comes from a non-kosher species is non-kosher"; see Bekhoroth 1:2). Since this new species comes from kosher and non-kosher species, there would be several potential ...


In an extensive article in Dialogue, "Aquatic Perfection: The Fascinating World of Fish and Water," Rabbi Eytan Feiner suggests that fish are from a realm which does not require further perfection [which might also explain why fish do not require shechitah]. He also refers to the (pseudo-) Hiddushei ha-Ran, Shabbat 108a: כשבא נחש על חוה הטיל זוהמא עלי' ועל ...


if they're not cooked together, you should recite individual brochos on each item (i.e., ha'etz on the avocado, mezonos on the rice, and shehakol on the fish) only if there's mezonos from the 5 species (wheat, barley, oats, rye, spelt), then the other ones are considered "tafel" (secondary), and would not require a brocha


Fish were not harmed: the Gemara notes that marine life was not harmed by the Mabul. (Sanhedrin 108a, quoted by Rashi on Bereshis 7:22) that were on the dry land: But not the fish, which were in the sea. — [Sanh. 108a] Maharsha says that only the water that covered the land was boiling hot. Others say that a cone of water under the ark was ...

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