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Rabeinu Yona in shaarei teshuva part 3 #93 says it is Biblically forbidden from the verse "You shall not make your souls abominable..." (Lev.11:43) "we are warned from this verse to not eat things disgusting to the soul, to not eat a fish or chagav until it is dead..."


Here is an answer from The Star-K. Similarly fish gelatin in order to be considered kosher must be produced from kosher species of fish. The use of fish gelatin with meat foods poses an interesting question. As we have mentioned the Shulchan Aruch (Yore Deah:116) prohibits cooking meat and fish together because of health concerns. When dealing with ...


It can cause leprosy. I heard this at a shiur (if I recall correctly, given by Rabbi Michoel Stern), but I found this online: http://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/ask-the-expert-meat-and-fish/ Edit: Pesachim 76b A fish was roasted [i.e., baked] together with meat, [whereupon] Raba of Parzikia forbade it to be eaten with kutah. Mar b. R. Ashi said: ...


If the fish is labeled as a kosher species, even if it's cut, it is permitted per Rabbi Yitzchak Abadi if you wash the fish. Even if your kosher fish is next to shrimp or other unkosher species, it is still permitted. Source: http://kashrut.org/forum/viewpost.asp?mid=3996&highlight=shrimp


IIRC, I heard from R. Nota Greenblatt, that if one can successfully identify the fish as a kosher species, it is permitted. If it has been cut with a knife that be non-kosher, then the area of the cut should be washed out. Similarly, KosherQuest (operated by R. E. Eidlitz) here states that fresh fish with fins and scales needs no hechsher.

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