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In general, rabbinic commentators (e.g. Maimonides, Maharal, Ramchal, Vilna Gaon) have been strongly opposed to the literal interpretation of medrash, and these midrashim are no exception.* To quote from the Jewish Encyclopedia: These haggadot concerning the leviathan are interpreted as allegories by all the commentators with the exception of some ...


An Alsatian associate told me that the custom of Alsatian Jews is to perform kapparot with a fish.


Yalkut Yosef 1:373:15 says that one may feed fish in his fishtank on Shabbos. מותר ליתן אוכל לדגים שבאקווריום בשבת Rabbi Chaim Tabasky also says it is permitted. This is only permitted for pet fish. One may not feed fish in a lake or ocean on Shabbos as they are not his responsibility. OU.org - Feeding the fish

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