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wiki If a firstborn attending a siyum does not hear the completion of the tractate, or if he does not understand what he hears, or if he is in the shiva period of mourning and is thus forbidden from listening to the Torah material being taught, some authorities rule that subsequent eating would not qualify as a seudat mitzvah and he would therefore be ...


The OP asks about attending the siyum and only eating later at a different place and time? The Minchas Yitzchak (vol.9:45) and Rav Elyashav (I heard this from Rav Smith) both say (as do others) that the simchah of the siyum is what releases the fast. Therefore, you may eat later and elsewhere. One idea for this is the Gemara (Shabbos 118) that says when ...


Yes, he does need to fast. The main part of the Mitzvah is partaking of the meal. As a matter of fact, one could even eat of the meal and be a part of the Mitzvah without having heard the Siyum part. Source: The announcement made by the Rav of the Shul I go to every year for the Siyum.


This is an interesting question. Many shuls in my neighborhood have no food at all. Two reasons for that: People are hurrying to get to work on time The shul kitchen & kiddush room, etc. is usually closed for the week, so there is no place to comfortably make a meal The main part of the siyum is the "siyum" which means the finishing of the ...

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