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Fast days are not optional. The "minor" means that they start at daybreak rather than the night before (as do tish'a b'av and yom kippur). Note the rules quoted below for when one may skip the fast (because of illness). Yom Kippur is required by the Torah and Ta'anis Esther is connected to Purim not the destruction of the temple. Once the temple will have ...


Continue the fast. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Dailyhalacha.com says as follows. The Agudah says it is permitted as saliva not a food that is consumed. Others say it is not even considered food. Chasam Sofer differentiates between the evening and the morning. At night, you should not swallow saliva, as the saliva still has the flavor of the food that one ate at the Seuda HaMafsekes. However by day, he ...

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