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These fasts are counting from Nisan as the first month (the Jewish religious calendar). The fast of the 4th month is 17 Tammuz. The fast of the 5th month is 9 Av. Here, the fast of the 7th month is Tzom Gedalia (usually observed on 3 Tishrei) although Yom Kippur also falls in the 7th month. The fast of the 10th month is 10 Tevet. These fasts commemorate ...


I just asked 2 poskim (Rabbi Levi Gurelik and Rabbi Broin of crown hights chabad Bais din) whether my 19 year old bichore in Florida can listen to a seyum over the phone. (without telling me yes or no) They told me to tell him to learn a misechta of mishnayos ie perkai avos, and make his own seyum.

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