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Had there been extra pesukim showing how long Aminadav lived and when Aharon took Elisheva as a wife and when Elazar married bas Putiel, then we could have made a drasha like that. However, in this case, all we know is that Aharon married some time during the galus mitzrayim and that Pinchas was born some (unknown) time before yetzias Mitzraim and that he ...


Tosfos in Bava Basra 141a writes: בת היה לו ובכל שמה. וא"ת ולמה לא השיאה ליצחק למ"ד בפרק ארבע מיתות (סנהדרין דף נח:) דבן נח מותר באחותו וי"ל דשמא קטנה היתה ולא רצה עדיין להשיאה ליצחק אי נמי מהגר היתה לו ולא משרה ולכך לא רצה להשיאה ליצחק Tosfos asks, if Avraham Avinu had a daughter why didn't Yitzchak marry her, according to the opinion that a ben ...


Conjecture: The Hebrew word "damim" means both blood and money. Perhaps, because of the use of the same word for distinct definitions, this adage arose. In a sense, it is saying, separate the "blood" or "damim" of your own family which is your own flesh and blood from the other definition of "damim" - money.

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