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The question was modified after I first answered to add the case of verified nonJewish ancestry. Given that, the duplicate question applies. If there is no nonJewish ancestry, then the answer below applies. DNA testing is not treated as aidus for a particular matter. However, the problem with nonobservant ancestry might be if a male within the line married ...


Given the long non-observant ancestry, I think serious questions could be raised as to the authenticity of that person's Jewish lineage. In short, I think a Rav would need to be consulted.


I have been a gabbai and my sons are gabbaim. My sons refer to their brothers as 'Ploni ben Avi Mori' and their sons as 'Bni Ploni' without using their own names. I think that they would also refer to their wives as 'Ishti Plonis bas Ploni' and that is often how I would do it when I was gabbai. Note that we would first check with the rav of the shul to make ...


The sefer תולדות תנאים ואמוראים here says that R. Akiva had a son from a previous marriage before he married Rachel, and that he learned for many years locally after he married her until he felt that he was no longer an עם הארץ and it was time to go and learn from the leading Rabbis of the generation, at which time he asked her permission to leave for twelve ...

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