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Here are three books on Jewish marriage and respect between spouses which I would recommend, out of many I read Made in Heaven: A Jewish Wedding Guide by R Aryeh Kaplan -- in my view the best guide to a Jewish wedding and through this to building the foundations of a strong Jewish couple The Jewish Way in Love & Marriage by R Maurice Lamm which also ...


Dvarim 22:1-4 is very clear that if you know who the owner is (assuming he is from your brothers) then you must return it to him or keep it until he asks for it.


You may keep it for yourself. The Braita states (for example, here) that a lost item which is unobtainable to the owner - such as a sunken treasure - is automatically subject to ye'ush (see below) and is free to take. There is no legal obligation to return it to its former owner. Ye'ush means the owner gave up hope of ever getting it back and thereby loses ...


The gmara Brachos 44a mentions that 80 pairs of brothers married 80 pairs of sisters.


The answer is yes. The offspring as of two married couples comprised of siblings, would be called "double cousins". My mother and aunt happened to have married two men that were brothers, which is how I learned of this fact.


The issue is discussed in Yevamot and yes it is legal and that is not disputed. What is mentioned is where it leaves the state of a widow if one brother dies childless, and what happens if there is a younger 3rd brother. If there are just 2 brothers then Yibum is impossible and because it is, then there is no need for Chalitzah either, the woman is free to ...


Yes they are allowed to marry. The problems are discussed here. I personally know of such couples (and also brother-sister, sister-brother cross-over) among the most ultra-orthodox chasidim.


In the Tzavaos of Rabbi Yehuda HaChasid #25 seen here he says two brothers should not marry two sisters. See note #37 (#32 in the linked edition) from Rabbi Reuven Margolis quoting the Noda Biyehuda Even HaEzer 79 who brings cases in the gemara where we see this was not something they adhered to. EDIT: To clarify the issue and for those who don't know, ...

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