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The Shulchan Aruch rules that one should always be in the habit of saying, "Everything the Merciful One does is for the best." (Orach Chaim 230:5; Berachos 60b). So we should say that throughout the day, whenever something happens. A shorter equivalent would be "gamzu l'tovah" from the Talmudic story of Nachum Gamzo. (Ta'anis 21a). Similarly, the Yerushalmi ...


some suggestions strengthen your faith in God and His torah. study books which teach on the subject that God is in charge of everything such as the chovos halevavos shaar bitachon. avoid reading things written by those who don't believe in these things


I have heard from several Rabbanim that one of the best sources for strengthening emunah is reading parshat Ha-Mahn, which you will find listed after Shacharit in most Siddurim. Many people don't say this at all, and those that do, probably run through it too quickly and routinely to appreciate its true messages. Parshat Ha-mahn is more than just reading a ...

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