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R' Yaakov Weinberg, in an audio recording, addressed this issue (as an issue with the ani maamin, which R' Weinberg, like you, rejected), and he explained that the point of the Rambam is not to say that the specific texts which we have now are identical to the one transmitted to Moshe. Rather, the point of the Rambam is to say that Moshe was a faithful ...


I've asked this question to several talmidei chachamim, and all of them have given me the same general response: the Rambam shouldn't be taken too literally, as after all, he certainly knew the passages in Chazal which you've quoted. What he means is that, for all intents and purposes, we have the same Torah. The very slight differences of a plene spelling ...


[OP]: Is this true that Elijah and Elisha didn't perform any miracle to help Jews? Of course not. See the previous answer for a few details. [OP]: Christians claim that Elijah and Elisha helped almost nobody. This is not a Christian claim, nor is it claimed in the text cited. The New Testament quote is quite clear that the point being made is that ...


וז"ל החזו"א (אגרות ח"א טו) "והרבה פעמים הוגה על פי חכמים ונפלה מחלוקת בהגה' וגם זה בהשגחתו יתברך בעונש שכחת התורה ובהמתקת הדין שיהי' אלו ואלו דא"ח ונתגלה טפחים מהתורה ע"פ גרסאות חלוקות והרבה פעמים נפסקו הדינים היוצאים לב' הגרסאות כי לא במקרה נעשו ומובטחנו שלא נפלה טעות שאינו תורה כלל כי זה כרת אתנו ברית על תורה שבע"פ".

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