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The one aspect of this quote which I can point to in Chazzal is the fact that Hashem will punish the child for his fathers sins when the child continues in his fathers ways. This is found in Brachos 7a and Sanhedrin 27b. The explenation given כי עוון של דורות חמור יותר מעוון של פרט אחד does not appear there. In fact by reading the gemara in Sanhedrin and ...


If you need a source within Avoth, perhaps the author meant an interpretation of 5:2: עשרה דורות מאדם ועד נח. להודיע כמה ארך אפים לפניו. שכל הדורות היו מכעיסין ובאין עד שהביא עליהם את מי המבול namely, that the individual generations did not merit destruction; only when 10 successive generations continued with the same sin did the world merit ...


Mamzerut is not a punishment for the deed, the punishment ends with the death of the parents, if it applies. Mamzerut is a situation, a מציאות . I think of it as a genetic disease, or a social/geographical condition in which the child is born because of the parents . I shall add some mekorot later.

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