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Let's assume you're far down as Cape Town at 33° 55′ 31″ S. Candle lighting on the first day of Chanuka (this year, 5775) at sunset would be at 19:55 and if you wait for night then it's at 20:25. However, one can light as early as Plag HaMincha which will be at 18:25 - that may be the simplest way to get the children involved - light as early as ...


Summarizing from p. 349 of this book: The custom originated from Rav Meir of Rothenberg who stated that on the night of Yom Kippur we recite the 13 "middot" - Attrubutes of Mercy, multiple times during our tefillah (after the Amidah). There is a midrash (mentioned in Talmud Rosh Hashannah 17b) that G-d wrapped himself in a tallit, similar to a Chazzan when ...


A chazzan does not wear the talis to be yotzeh the mitzvah of tzitzis. He only wears it to have an atiffa, for kavod hatzibur. This is the same reason he doesn't make a bracha on it when he puts it on.


Nitei Gavriel Hilchos Yom Hakipurim page 181 note 24 in the name of Siach Yitzchak that we wear a Talis at Kol Nidrei based on the Yerushalmi Chagiga 1:5 that says that one needs to wear a Talis at the time of Hataras Nedarim. He goes on to say that one should only make a Bracha on the Talis up to the time he would normally Daven Mincha.

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