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There is a text called שירת הקודש של ביתא ישראל - Holy Song of the House of Israel It is centuries old. It contains religious poetry including prayers.


In order to inherit and be part of a tribe a person must be be the child of a Jewish couple (both father and mother Jewish) to begin with. For example the blasphemer in the Bible is the son of a Jewish woman of the tribe of Dan (so he was Jewish) and an Egyptian man. Part of the explanation of the dispute is that he was not considered a member of the tribe ...


The short answer to your question is no: Ethiopian Jews do not consider any text outside of the chumash to be "on par" with the chumash. The Book of Jubilees in Ge'ez is matschaf kufale (መጽሐፈ ኩፋሌ), the first word of which means "book" (a nominal form of tsachafa, "to write") and the second of which means "partition", or "division" - possibly because the ...


This article gives some information about them: They apparently were forced to convert to Christianity, but kept Judaism secretly. They received less attention than Beta Israel, and haven't left Ethiopia to Israel significantly like they did. They seem to, according to the article, keep many Jewish laws (perhaps all — it wasn't clear from the article). They ...

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