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Rashi on Breishit 26:2 (@Yez is correct). Summarizing Rashi and Sifsei Chachamim's emmendations - Yitzhak was considered as a sacrifice (which, he was from the akieda). Sifsei Chachamim says he was considered Kodesh Kadashim ("most holy") and such sacrifices were not allowd to be taken out of the azarah. The entire land of Israel was considered the azara at ...


From: THE PROHIBITION OF RIBBIT IN THE MODERN WORLD WHAT IS THE HETER ISKA? Halakha makes use of "evasions" of the law in various different realms. The idea of the heter iska arose already in the seventeenth century, and expanded to enormous proportions over the last hundred years, despite its inherent halakhic difficulties. How does heter iska ...


There's usually some unwritten rule for this. Something like: Some Aveilim are Makpid to say both Borchu's - so they always take it. Or else it's given to the unlucky fellow who didn't get to be Chazzan - since the Chazzan already said a Borchu. If there's no 2nd chiyuv then the Chazzan will say it. If a Sefardi also said Kaddish, and he's anyways going to ...


I don't know why, but R' Shlomo Zalman Auerbach (עלהו לא יבול p96) maintains that the Israeli custom is not to say this prayer at all. Nonetheless, one who has had a bad dream and wishes to say the תפילה, can do so during שים שלום. Source: שיח תפילה


Rabbi Shlomo Halbertal Shlita concludes that Shmita applies in Jordan also. However only in the western part is it a Biblical obligation. In the Eastern part it is Midrabanan. שרק בעבר הירדן המערבי – שבו שייכת קדושת השכינה כדברי התשב'ץ – שייכת מצות השביעית במלוא חובתה – מדאורייתא, מה שאין כן בעבר הירדן המזרחי – שביעית דרבנן


The Rosh In Yevamos 6:12 writes that the bris ben habsarim took place when Avraham Avinu was 70 and was in Eretz Yisrael. He then went back to charan and left again at the age of 75(parshas lech lecha).

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