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The implication from Today is the square-root of 25th day of the omer is that any of the methods that you give will be the same as "today is". For example "Code of Jewish Law Ganzfried - Goldin, volume 3 page 52 chapter 120 number 3 (translation of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch). Thus, "tonight", "now", "It is", or any other method that expresses the current time, ...


The unique pronunciation with a kamatz under the nun suggest that it is not simply translated as equivalent to the plural "adonai"("my lords") which has a patach (as is the case, e.g. by "elokim"-"elohim" [powers]). Nonetheless, that is the word which it most closely resembles. The Maharal, in a different context, indicates that a plural is used to convey ...


If you are Sefardi you might find the Siddur Sefardi haShalem by Rabbi Kohansion useful. It has a linear translation.


Siddur Besamim Rosh Nusach Ashkenaz & Nusach Sefard is an interlinear Siddur. They can be purchased brand new at Jewish Used Books.

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