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If you're interested in buying meforshim individually (in which case they will come with many more editorial and elucidation notes), here's a few: Artscroll Rashi Artscroll Ramban Artscroll Seforno Artscroll Baal HaTurim Menucha Publishers Kli Yakar on Bereishis and Shemos Urim Ohr HaChaim I didn't shop around for which websites would be the cheapest, ...


JPS is publishing an English edition. I asked about its contents here; it's a condensed version, but at one volume per book of torah it covers a lot more ground than a one-volume chumash. I'm very happy with the volume I've used and plan to add the rest to my library. Sh'mot, Vayikra, and B'midbar have been released; D'varim is due in April 2015, and I ...


Judaica Press publishes a set of Mikraos Gedolos with a digest of the commentaries in English.


As Noach mi Frankfurt said in a comment, there are four English translations: Soncino, Neusner, Artscroll, and Koren/Steinsaltz. I've worked with three of them (I don't know Neusner), and for a beginner I recommend the last, accompanied by a study partner or, at the very least, an introduction to talmud. None of these translations are particularly aimed ...

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