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Eliyahu,as well as Chenoch, had to be born again as babies in the world in order for them to be able to relate to the people of the world and all the sufferings, only GOD Himself could ever just show up and appear out of nowhere from Heaven and know what was going on in the world and everything about it, so they were reincarnated in new earthly bodies from ...


For Eliyahu was so depressed and torn down mentally by his fellow brethren YisraELites being idol worshipers of baal and asherah ,remember right beforehand Eliyahu was on HarCarmel with all of Yisrael and 450 prophets of baal and 400 prophets of asherah and had to call upon Lord God of Yisrael to send fire to show who the One True Living God Is!!!!!!!then ...

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