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Well, Eliyahu's most-famous, grandest miracle, the battle with the priests of Ba'al on Mount Carmel, was for the benefit of the Israelites who were straying from God's path. I think that counts for something. Tradition accords many other miracles to Eliyahu, again for the benefit of Jews. Elisha performed other miracles than the ones you list. Here are ...


[OP]: Is this true that Elijah and Elisha didn't perform any miracle to help Jews? Of course not. See the previous answer for a few details. [OP]: Christians claim that Elijah and Elisha helped almost nobody. This is not a Christian claim, nor is it claimed in the text cited. The New Testament quote is quite clear that the point being made is that ...


Bavli Sotah 46b-47a describes this incident in more detail. R. Yochanan said in the name of Meir that whoever does not escort others or allow himself to be escorted, it as if he shed blood, for if the men of Jericho had escorted Elisha, he would not have stirred up the bears. The g'mara then goes on to explain the incident. First, who are the "little ...


Absolutely nothing! The reason the three pesukim are added at the beginning is so that we don't have to add at the end. To explain, consider Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 284: מפטירין בנביא מענינה של פרשה ואין פוחתין מכ"א פסוקים אלא אם כן סליק ענינא בבציר מהכי כגון עולותיכם ספו על זבחיכם. "We read the Haftarah from the Navi from the subject matter of ...


Malbim on this wording (verse 2) explains that Elijah did not want to enter Beth-el, because one of Jeroboam's calf statues was there (Kings I 12:28-29).


Rashi, Metzudas David, and Radak say that he announced to people on the way what he was going to do and he did not believe it would work therefore it did not work. Yalkut Meam Loez says, Gehazi tested out the staff on the way on either a dead lion or a dead dog, which it revived, and thus it lost its power to do so for the lad.


What makes you think that he wasn't defeated? Admittedly he and some of his nation continued to exist, but in pasukim 24 & 25 it says clearly that the Israelites smote the Moabites. Chazal tell us why Mesha slaughtered his crown prince. Mesha had asked his advisers why the G'd of the Jews always helps them. His advisers told him that it came as a result ...

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