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Now that the app is actually out and we can see what it does, the Tzomet institute has an article about it. In summary, they say it is forbidden. They take issue with the app's primary claim, which is that the app utilizes a time delay and calls this a grama. The Tzomet institute (which is a pioneer in the development of grama based devices and has some ...


Appleā€™s default alarm behavior on iOS is to have the alarm go off indefinitely, so if one wants to use the iPhone or iPad alarm on Shabbat, one has to use a third-party app like this one that shuts the alarm off by itself. The only other thing I can think of to do with an iOS device on Shabbat is play media (like music) on a playlist, which would of course ...


Either A) Get a pair of timers for the lamps OR B) Switch both lamps on before Shabbos and leave them on all Shabbos. Just point only one at the snake at a time.

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