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רמב"ן והזכיר לאשר עשה לדתן ולאבירם. ולא הזכיר קרח ועדתו שיצאה אש מלפני ה' ותאכל אותם, בעבור כי איש זר הקרב להקטיר קטורת הוא מלאוי התורה (במדבר יז ה), ו לעולם הוא נענש לדורות כאשר קרה גם לעזיהו(דה"י ב כו יט), על כן לא מניו האותות המדבר. I understand it as saying that since he and his congregation brought ketoros and he's not a kohen, so he's anyway meant to ...


In Tanach the word Barzel - ברזל appears 44 times. Per Wikipedia The Iron Age in the Ancient Near East is believed to have begun with the discovery of iron smelting and smithing techniques in Anatolia or the Caucasus and Balkans in the late 2nd millennium BC (c. 1300 BC) The Torah was given in the year 1313 BCE. Notwithstanding the above, even ...


The Minchas Shai does, he brings different readings and see from the words acher kach matzati B'Mordichai(pg 32) but better to see the whole thing. http://hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.aspx?req=14036&st=&pgnum=32


See here and the follow-up here. According to Rashi, a sort of insect. According to Ibn Ezra and Ibn Janach, a type of sickness.


It's pure geometry. The simplest example of this in 3D is that the surface area of a hemisphere is double the surface area of a flat circle, so if you grow things on the surface you have double the area (wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphere). Area of circle = pirr Area of curved part of hemisphere = 2*pirr EDIT: Obviously, this is just a simple example to ...


Rabbi Shimshon Rafael Hirsch on the same usage in Ki Sisa 32:7 says that at this point they did not act or regard themselves as Hashem's nation but as people who had been brought out by Moshe. Many of the meforshim state that the original intent of the calf was not avodas zarah but as a symbol for Moshe. Rashi, among others, states that the Eirev Rav were ...


In Sippurei Chassidim (by R' S.Y. Zevin), he brings a story the point of which is that Hashem's desire is that even the person's "heel" - the lowest, crassest, most insensitive part of the body (as the Yiddish expression "Ich her dir mit mayn pyate" - "I hear you with my heel" - i.e., "I am paying absolutely no attention to what you're saying") should be ...


Ba'al Ha Turim quotes a midrash, saying that Gd knew that Israel would sin and cause His Providence to depart. This would leave them vulnerable to the feral beasts of the field if they conquered the land too quickly. So future sins would keep Gd from preventing the animals from overrunning the land.


The Meshech Chachmah answers that shemen zayis and devash are exclusive to Ertez Yisroel and you can see this from when klal Yisrael said why are you taking us out of Eygpt which has grapes ,figs,pomegranates but no mention of olive oil and honey.They are connected to Eretz because they are special to Eretz Yisrael.

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