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As you mention, possible symbolism of eggs are discussed in a different question and answer set, to which you linked. As for pomegranate, this seems to me to be a likely allusion to the poles of pomegranate wood they used as a spit to roast the korban pesach. See pesachim daf 74. We eat the egg at the beginning of shulchan orech. Absent any source to the ...


Then there's the off-color folk drash saying the salt water represents the sea which reached the Israelites' hips when they waded through it. (Remember the colloquial Hebrew/Yiddish sense of ביצים BEITZIM = eggs. Yes, the Torah clearly says the waters parted completely and the Israelites walked on dry land [Sh'mot/Exodus 14], but perhaps some stragglers ...


My family did this growing up and we were told is was to represent the tears cried, while celebrating new life. To always remember there is joy and sorrow. I always loved the taste of the dish.


First of all raw eggs do not need a hechsher according to CRC, Denver Vaad HaKashrut and others. The presence of a hechsher on the box does not appear to be a factor in two major treatments of the topic. In a discussion on blood in eggs, the OU explains that, due to modern production methods, any blood spot found in eggs will never develop into an embryo ...

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