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I found this article: http://www.din.org.il/2015/01/18/עדות-באמצעות-סקייפ/ Which confirms the view of @IsaacKotlicky regarding testimony for a wedding or divorce i.e. since this testimony is עדות לקיומי the witnesses have to be in the place, although maybe it depends on the machloket of עדות עפ"י אומדנא. However if the case requires Edut just as a ...


The witnesses who sign the ketubah are witnessing the ketubah -- that is, the husband's obligations to the wife. Witnesses serve the same function here as with any other legal document (debt, property sale, or even a get). The witnesses at the chupah, on the other hand, testify to the completion of that stage of the marriage. While today we generally ...

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