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I saw an idea in the Meshech Chochma on the haftorah for shabbos shuva. Unfortunately I don't seem to have it printed in my edition at home so I can't quote verbatim. His point was that the mitzvah of Succah is different insofar as even if someone is an oness and exempt from eating in the succah, that fact is that Hashem will not treat it as if he performed ...


Dailyhalacha.com says as follows. The Agudah says it is permitted as saliva not a food that is consumed. Others say it is not even considered food. Chasam Sofer differentiates between the evening and the morning. At night, you should not swallow saliva, as the saliva still has the flavor of the food that one ate at the Seuda HaMafsekes. However by day, he ...


Continue the fast. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


I thought there was an exception for people who are ill. If not taking your meds on Yom Kippur will make you seriously sick or cause serious adverse affects, you should just take your meds. Somewhere that's recognized. There are many life-saving exceptions like that all over Judaism.

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