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As you mention, possible symbolism of eggs are discussed in a different question and answer set, to which you linked. As for pomegranate, this seems to me to be a likely allusion to the poles of pomegranate wood they used as a spit to roast the korban pesach. See pesachim daf 74. We eat the egg at the beginning of shulchan orech. Absent any source to the ...


see משנה ברורה ס'רו ס''ק יב who says clearly so long as one did not talk after the bracha it is only a hefsek if he is מסיח דעת which means so long as he didn't start thinking about something else, and take off his mind what he is waiting for (or talk) it is not a hefsek and he does not (and can not) make another bracha.

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