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The following shiurim say that moving outside requires a new bracha rishona even if you come back inside to eat. According to New Beracha after Moving Between Rooms implies that outdoors does require a new bracha The best method to avoid doubts is by having in mind at the time of the beracha that you will be moving from room to room, and in this ...


While the Kol Bo (Siman 24) writes that such a small amount would not need a Beracha Rishona, and Rabbeinu Yonah (Brachot 27Rb) writes that for such small amounts every food gets the Beracha Rishona of "SheHaKol", the vast majority of Rishonim and all Acharonim rule that even the smallest amount ("כל שהוא") of food needs its regular Beracha Rishona and there ...


It is a machlokes/machloket (a matter of dispute). One solution is to dehydrate it, crush it and put it in a pill capsule(s). For a more detailed/thorough analysis, see: https://www.quora.com/Is-a-human-placenta-kosher & שאלה: אכילת שליא של יולדת לצורך רפואה

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