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It's called שערי צבי - "Shaarey Tzvi" written by Rav Tzvi Rotter shlit"a (he is the son of the Shaaray Aharon). The book can be found here and can be partially viewed here. Hat tip to sam regarding another book with the same premise, ילקוט מלכו של עולם - "Yalkut Malko Shel Olam", information about it can be found here.


Interesting question! I think there is definitely a midrashic connection (whereas an etymological connection would exist not for Ye'or-or, but probably for nahar-nahara). Melila Hellner-Eshed's phenomenal book "A River Flows from Eden" explores the significance of that verse (Genesis 2:10) in Qabbalistic thought, and discusses throughout her book the ...

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