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Shulchan aruch even ezer 119.3 one should not divorce his first wife unless he found her cheating. hagah: Aside from this, the rabbis said: "if someone divorces his first wife, the alter cries tears upon him". This is specifically talking in their days (time of the talmud), when they frequently divorced a woman even against her will (this is when the ...


There may be grounds on which a divorce is OK but it is unlikely that if you follow this path you will become the beacon of a venerable old couple. Most modern divorces trace their roots to work pressure eating into the relationship. La'kol yesh chalipin chutz me'eshes ne'urim - there is an exchange for anything you have except for the wife of your youth.


First of all divorce is a mitzvah which can found in Devarim 24:1-4 The reasons for divorce are discussed in meseches gittin 90b As far as a divine plan for marriage this is in the beginning of Sotah where it says one's spouse is predetermined before you are born.

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