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The issue with a gett me'usah isn't that the gett is compelled, but that the husband did not have a desire to give the gett. Which is why the Rambam says that we can assume the husband had a desire to conform to halakhah if he wants to be part of the Jewish community. It's just that there are other, dominant, desires that outweigh this one, and those desires ...


Patience...... I skimmed the gemara looking for the answer to my question, but accidentally skipped it! Tosfos Ri"d on the Mishna tipped me off to check again. Gitin 27b: ת''ר איזהו שלא לאלתר רבי נתן אומר ששהה כדי שתעבור שיירא ותשרה ר''ש בן אלעזר אומר כדי שיהא אדם עומד ורואה שלא עבר שם אדם ויש אומרים שלא שהה אדם שם רבי אומר כדי לכתוב את הגט רבי ...

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