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Medrash Rabba Vayetze 71 says that he did not divorce Leah since she had children. כיוון שראה יעקב מעשים שרימתה לאה באחותה, נתן דעתו לגרשה, וכיוון שפקדה ה' בבנים אמר לאמן של אלו אני מגרש


"Girsha stam" means he divorced her without stating any conditions. Mochel means forgiving, so "he is forgiving the condition" or if you wanted to say it in proper English "he forgives the condition" or "he forgoes the condition." In other words, he waives it (or is presumed to have waived it, depending on the context).


Tallis -- this is easy. The halachic default is that everyone 13 and up should be wearing a Tallis; Ashkenazi never-married-men happen to have a custom otherwise. (Rabbi Meiselman, for instance, feels this whole custom is in error and his unmarried sons wear tallisos.) In absence of such a custom, we default to the standard -- wear a Tallis. Hair covering ...

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