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If they are divorced then they are not married, and they certainly may not be intimate. Halachikally they are two strangers, and all of the halachos of yichud, etc. apply. For cases where they are legally divorced but don't yet have a get, consult a Rav. They may get remarried, unless the husband is a kohen, they got divorced because the woman committed ...


Getting divorced would NOT serve as any halachic basis for an abortion. Life is something of the greatest value and should not be looked upon lightly at all. It is exceedingly important that no one misinterpret halacha to try and "allow" for an abortion when it's forbidden (and a major sin). The baby - who is unable to speak and defend himself - is the true ...


It appears from the Rambam (הלכות גירושין פרק י :כ-כ"ב) and other places that once a couple behaves as husband & wife, then they need a Get to become divorced - and permitted to marry other people. As a result, their divorce as a real one, and would disqualify her from marrying a Cohen.


In very, very broad terms -- some authorities will allow an early abortion to prevent significant anguish. (There's an mp3 of Rabbi Yona Reiss mentioning this with regards to a pregnancy found to have severe developmental challenges, if we think it will destroy the lives of this couple, according to some opinions.) While it's ideal for most children to be ...

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