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I believe it's been out of copyright for a while. You can access the whole book online here: It's also available on Google Books, though I only found Vol. 2 there. Vol 1 and Vol 2 are available on


OK, I'm going to answer it myself, based on the comments above. Mapping 1 Strongs entry -> possibly multiple BDB entries Apparently, because Hebrew words can be browsed by Strong's entry at, and each entry is linked to a BDB entry, then there is at most 1 BDB entry per Strong's entry, and the two are mapped (from Strongs to BDB)...


You might try taking a course in modern Hebrew grammar — which is pretty close to that used by the Mishna and to that used by the acharonim — or at least reading a book on it. Or on Biblical Hebrew grammar, which is also pretty close. But here are a few pointers that will help you look things up in a dictionary: The following letters might ...

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