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Beis Yosef to Tur O.C. 170 s.v. לא יאכל לא יאחוז פרוסה כביצה בידו בפעם אחת והעושה כן הרי זה רעבתן ומשמע מלשון הברייתא שאם אוחז פרוסה כביצה אע״פ שאינו אוכל אלא קצת ממנו נקרא רעבתן Do not hold a piece the size of a beitza in your hand at one time, and one who does so is a glutton. And the implication of the Baraisa is that if he holds it, ...


It would seem to be that the example of the mechaber is only in regards to thing that facilitate the eating of the food, IE. One cannot eat before he feeds his animals or to pass the food (Mesechtas Berochos 40a. The Gemorah in Mesechtas Gittin 62 says it is forbidden to “taste.”) Although you point out correctly that an interruption which is not specific to ...

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