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I've seen this in two places. One is in the Sichos of the Lubavitcher Rebbe who comments on Yosef's amazing sensitivity that he had towards others. This is also noted by R. Yaakov Kamenetsky, in Emes L'Yaakov (40:6) who adds that this is particularly remarkable given his own situation, that he asked others how they were doing in an effort to cheer them up. ...


After a basic review of the sources, I would say that the basic answer to your questions are: No, there is no source that says that we have to cover our mouths when we yawn to avoid evil spirits entering our bodies. In fact, to my knowledge, there is no source that says that one is required to do so at all except in prayer. No, the only reason found in ...


The custom of covering your mouth while yawning is common in several cultures, but so far, from searching secular sources, I have not found any such customs or requirements with Jewish origins. In Yawning: comparative study of knowledge and beliefs, popular and medical, O. Walusinski writes: According to [Pierre] Saintyves, Islam sees yawning as a sign ...


It's a din in Hilchos Derech Eretz. It's manners.


Rebi would cover his mouth when yawning during prayers. Brachos 24a-b: אמר ר' חנינא אני ראיתי את רבי שגיהק ופיהק ונתעטש ורק וממשמש בבגדו אבל לא היה מתעטף וכשהוא מפהק היה מניח ידו על סנטרו


שלחן ערוך סימן צז סעיף א (titled: "שלא יגהק ושלא יפהק בשעת התפלה," "Not to yawn during prayers") לא יגהק (מוציא מגופו לפיו נפיחה מתוך שובעו, רייטי"ר בלע"ז). ולא יפהק (פותח פיו להוציא רוח הפה) ואם צריך לפהק מתוך אונס יניח ידו על פיו שלא תראה פתיחתו. Do not burp or yawn [during prayers]; and if one must yawn, one should cover his mouth with his ...

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