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At least with regards to hilchos Shabbos, you should choose the derabannan. See שמירת שבת כהלכתה לב:כז-כח*, who writes that if there is no difference in speed or quality of care, that one should choose to do a rabbinically prohibited action, instead of one that is Biblically prohibited. I don't know if this is Shabbos-specific, or if this rule applies ...


Much like muktza -- I can tap a heavy candlestick sitting on a table, I just can't move it on shabbos -- a bottle of wine becomes non-kosher if it is moved, not simply touched, by a non-Jew. A non-Jew can shake a sealed bottle of wine all day long, it stays kosher. If an uncorked bottle of wine is sitting on the table and a non-Jew taps the bottle, it ...

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