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The Maharal writes that although it was Hashem himself who killed the first-born, as we stress in the Haggada, permission was given to the destroyer. Usually the משחית doesn't have permission to wreak havoc on mankind. But during a מגפה the מלאך המות reigns freely. This is alluded to in Bava Kamma, in Hakoness, that during a plague one should walk on the ...


According to the commentator Rashi, the mention in verse one is a simple restatement of fact creating a bridge between texts ("And it was after the death of Moses: This is connected to the order of the Torah which ends with Moses’ passing, and this follows it") while the second is a reference to a deeper comment made by God: " If he were alive, I would ...


The Rambam writes (Yisodeh Hatorah 5:4): וכל מי שנאמר בו יהרג ואל יעבור ועבר ולא נהרג הרי זה מחלל את השם. ואם היה בעשרה מישראל הרי זה חילל את השם ברבים ובטל מצות עשה שהיא קידוש השם ועבר על מצות לא תעשה שהיא חלול השם. ואעפ"כ מפני שעבר באונס אין מלקין אותו ואין צריך לומר שאין ממיתין אותו בית דין אפילו הרג באונס Whatever circumstance that requires to ...


Lashon Hara is forbidden even if the listener utterly rejects the content as entirely false and never repeats it again. The speaker has still transgressed multiple negative commandments. Certainly spreading it makes it worse, but that is not the only reason it is forbidden.

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