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In terms of your two possibilities being blind and housebound either causes the evil inclination to be removed, or that those 2 qualities, along with the removal of the evil inclination creates a status of "like a dead person" the text of Rashi implies the first. First of all, Rashi does not say שיצר הרע פסק ממנו which would mean the Chabad ...


From the explanation of Rav Hirsch it appears that Avraham is called Avicha and not Yitzchak because the inheritance (and the bracha) was passed along to Yaakov. It was now his turn "to build a complete Jewish household" and to create the "Abrahamitic future". Thus, since Yitzchak was housebound and blind, he could not take an active part in the community ...


Wikipedia cites: Rabbi Akiva patiently endured while his flesh was being torn with iron combs, and died reciting the Shema. He pronounced the last word of the sentence, Eḥad ("one") with his last breath (Talmud Berachot 61b). Since then, it has been traditional for Jews to say the Shema as their last words. It doesn't state that this is the ...


Basis is the death of Yaakov described in Pesachim 56a although over there his kids said Shema and he said Baruch Shem.


Yaakov because of his complaint to Par'o about why he looked so haggard and old (Vayigash 47:9). Yosef died at 110 (Vayigash 50:26 the first of the brothers to die) because of the strains of being the leader as did Yehoshua. Shmuel Hanavi and Shlomo Hamelech died at the age of fifty two for the same reason. This is from memory of meforshim of the ...


Maimonides (The Guide of the Perplexed II.42; as explained, I believe, by Rabbi Dr. Menachem Krakowski) maintains that the passage is describing the events as they were prophetically witnessed by Abraham, meaning he was aware of the entire sequence of events.


Rashi on Genesis 20:1:1: ויסע משם אברהם. (excerpt) להתרחק מלוט שיצא עליו שם רע שבא על בנותיו My translation (and context): The parsha (paragraph) following the story of Lot mentions that Avraham travelled to Grar. Almost every commentary asks why Avraham did this, as there was nothing wrong living in Elonei Mamre and there was no famine or other ...

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