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Not to disagree with anyone, but if we look to the example of Rabbi Akiva as stated explicitly in Brachot 61b, it says that he fulfilled the mitzvah of Kriat Shema by ending on the word "Echod" at the end of the first posuk only. It explains that as he was dieing during his execution, he explained to his students that he had waited all his life to fulfill ...


According to this text provided by Chabad.org to say on the deathbed, one would say ברוך שם...‏ three times as well as a few other lines after saying שמע ישראל.


There is an interesting article about burning the dead in Jewish tradition. With reference to rabbis who asked for there bodies to be burnt!! In this link (Hebrew)


David earlier called Avner "a man, and who is there like you in Israel" (2 Shmuel 26:15), so he knew him pretty well at least by reputation. Also, the point of the story there is that Avner was now ready to be friendly with David and his tribe, after he fell out with Ish Boshes. And when he was killed he was on his way to unite all the tribes together under ...


The basic source is Deuteronomy 21:23, "You shall bury him on that day." (Whether it also applies to non-Jews is not so simple. The Ramban there mentions that Joshua took care to bury the bodies of the Canaanite kings (Joshua 10:27), though he says maybe that was more so as not to contaminate the land of Israel. Another relevant source is the long ...

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