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We learn from the Gemoro Pesachim 67 - extract: Someone who is tamei from a dead body may enter Machaneh Leviyah. Even a Mes (dead body ) itself may be brought there! The areas in the mishkan and later in the Beis Hamikdosh are described here Three concentric levels of sanctity existed in the encampment: the innermost area called Machaneh ...


In Numbers 19, God commands that one who is impure from touching a dead body is prohibited from entering the House of God. 13 Whoever touches a corpse, the body of a person who has died, and does not cleanse himself, defiles the Lord’s Tabernacle This is put into practice in Numbers 9, where we are told of a group of people who became impure, and were ...


Kosher mammals (cows, sheep, goats, deer, etc.) and birds (pigeons, chickens, etc.) must be killed by kosher slaughter. So if your pet pigeon dies of natural causes, it’s not kosher. (In fact, if you kosher-slaughtered it but then found it had a massive tumor that would have caused it to die soon anyhow of natural causes, it’s still not kosher!) Kosher fish ...


Yes. Goldfish ars kosher. You can even kill it to eat it if you want. Ritual slaughter is not necessary for fish (Rambam Shechita 1:3). Lists of kosher fish

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