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The book Lev Eliyahu by Rabbi Elyah Lopian zt'l comments there that the "looking in the window" there is referring not to a window but to sorcery. i.e. he saw through some kind of sorcery, crystal ball, etc.


The Tur al HaTorah says we must assume this happened during the day otherwise how could Avimelech have seen into a dark room. He explains this behavior with the idea that a Talmid Chacham can cover himself and have relations during the day. This is similar to the Or HaChaim who quotes the gemara in ksuvos 65a where we find this behavior as a means to stave ...


A) Why were they having relations during the daytime? Where do you see that it says anything about daytime? B) Why were they having relations in a way that others could see? The שפתי חכמים answers your question. He says that it's impossible to say that they would have relations where people could see them. Rather, by Yitzchak closing the ...

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