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The Netai Gavriel brings just about all there is to bring on the subject of Nitel. In 2:4 he brings two/three customs about the time of day or night it applies to. Although the custom is (perhaps more commonly) only from sunset or dusk until midnight, some (Chernobler, Belz, Bobov, Ger and Galitziyana) start from midday the day before (so that would be ...


The Nitei Gavriel which @yishai linked has an abundance of info of the customs and history of nittal nacht. Rav Aviner brings a nice summary from his tshuvot (text): "Question: Is it permissible to learn Torah on "Nittel Nacht" (Christmas Eve)? Answer: There is a custom among some Chasidim not to learn Torah on "Nittel Nacht" in order not to contribute ...

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