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If the chocolate was pareve, then based on YD 95:2, it would seem to be permitted to consume, even if some say it should not have been poured to begin with. If the chocolate was dairy then the pot, chocolate, and cheesecake are not kosher.


There is a reason for it. The Mechaber in OC 451:26Says: כו. כלי זכוכית אפילו מכניסן לקיום ואפילו משתמש בהן בחמין אין צריכים שום הכשר שאינם בולעים ובשטיפה בעלמא סגי להו. הגה: ויש מחמירין ואומרים דכלי זכוכית אפילו הגעלה לא מהני להו וכן המנהג באשכנז ובמדינות אלו My loose translation: Glass vessels even if one stores in them and even if they were used for ...


You can ask the OU to confirm, but yes, they have a Jew present constantly when the cheese is being made. They may have some days where the cheese is not Kosher and they have arrangements to have that sold as non-Kosher. Yes, that is expensive. Next to meat, it is the most expensive form of Kosher certification. See here: The supervision provided by ...

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