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Concurring with Shalom's answer, and based on experience, I believe Elite has always been microground. I believe this is not a change, and I know many people have used a Keli Shelishi for it (and other coffees, incidentally).


If I had to venture a guess? People had probably assumed it was entirely freeze-dried coffee -- i.e. cook the coffee, then take out all the water. Forbes notes: [Starbucks] Via is a combination of dried coffee and “micro-ground” coffee. So if other brands contain micro-grounds, those [presumably] haven't yet been cooked. Which would necessitate a kli ...


In Rabbi Eider's Halachos of Shabbos page 322 footnote 657, he quotes a list of Rabbis who say this is assur. In order of his quoting them: Rav Y. Henkin in Euros Yisroel page 122. Tzitz Eliezer chelek 2 siman 6 & 7. Chelek three siman 18. Chelek 7 siman 16. Minchas Yitzchok chelek 4 siman 26. He mentions as well that according to some opinions ...


From siff 4 in Orach Chaim 318 we see that there is a problem to cook something which has been salted. Being so, there is a siman in Yoreh Deah which should suffice to answer your question. In siman 113 siff 12 the Mechaber writes: Small fish which were salted ether by a Jew or non-Jew (it wouldn't matter as salting is not subject to bishul akum, Taz ...

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