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The Ohr Someyach to Hilchos Shabbos 9:2 writes that cooking in a kli sheni is always Rabbinical, even for things which cook easily. The Mishna Berura (318:3) cites the Gra"h that according to all opinions, if a Rabbinical prohibition is done unintentionally (as in your case, where you just forgot), then it can be eaten even by the person who did the ...


As we learnt here , there are opinions that one does not need a Kli-Shlishi for tea. As a result, if you skipped that step, you can drink the tea. Why? Because once there is any valid opinion that what you did is not Chilul Shabbat, then the resultant product is permitted, even if you personally hold like the opposing view, and even if the Shulchan Aruch ...

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