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I wouldn't look at the menu so much as any given food ingredient. And yes, the OU and Star-K have called the White House kitchen, the Royal Danish kitchen, and others. Generally speaking -- "would you use canned X?" "No, we'd only cook it fresh ourselves?" (The Star-K had asked about canned cranberry sauce; the OU had asked about baked beans.)


It really depends. Was the dish cooked before? If it was, and is a dry food, or is a liquidy food and is still warm (This is the Rema's opinion, the Mechaber requires it to be yad soledes), there is no problem of cooking on a biblical level. If it's a cool liquid, there may be a biblical prohibition (See chazon ish who assumes that Rema concedes that this ...


When the pot is taken off the fire, it is still a kli rishon. The soup ladel is a kli sheni and the bowl a kli shlishi. However: If the soup ladel gets as hot as the soup it may be a kli rishon as well. Not everybody holds of a kli shlishi. If the soup has a davar gush in it, e.g. noodles or kreplach, the davar gush may be treated like a kli rishon. It is ...


the answer is in the question. the oven isn't kosher and so food put into the oven will not be kosher either

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