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See this and this company both of which manufacturer collagen casings. The web site says that it is kosher and parve. (I'm a bit skeptical as to how it could be parve based on their description, but, it's just my hunch, here.) They're located in China. Other than what's on the sites, I can't say much more than what they state or how easily available this ...


Let's start with the problem of Reach (odour, smell) in Gemara. See Pesachim 76ab: אמר רב בשר שחוטה שמן שצלאו עם בשר נבילה כחוש אסור מאי טעמא מפטמי מהדדי ולוי אמר אפילו בשר שחוטה כחוש שצלאו עם בשר נבילה שמן מותר מאי טעמא ריחא בעלמא הוא וריחא לאו מילתא היא ‏ Rab said: Fat meat of a [ritually] slaughtered [animal] which was roasted together with ...


Google is your friend! The COR, Chabad, the OU, and the Star-K say you can light a burner from a pilot light on yom tov.

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