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Yes. You can even put it in a cli rishon that's off the fire. שקדיות מרק ... הנמכרות כשהן מוכנות לאכילה, מותר לתת אפילו בכלי ראשון, אם אינו עומד על גבי האש... Soup mandels ... that are sold ready to eat, it is permissible to place them even in a cli rishon, if it is not on the fire. (Translation mine) Source: Shmirat Shabbat C'Hilchata, 1:61


According to Star-K article, no: Since many people enjoy their tea mainly on Shabbos, it would be appropriate to briefly mention the do’s and don’ts of tea preparation on Shabbos. One should not use tea/herbal bags or loose teas on Shabbos. This is because tea is part of that group of foods known as kaley habishul, or easily cooked foods. These ...

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