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The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch in 90:18 - סימן צ - דין עשית חפציו בלא מלאכה ומלאכה על ידי גוי - says that a non-Jew may add fuel to one's heating system on Shabbat, if it's very cold. However, if it's not crucial, one should not do so. (In other words, if there's no chance of anybody getting sick, then one shouldn't do so.) Similarly, after midday, one may ...


No, as the prohibition of not lighting a fire also extends to adding fuel to a fire, transferring it, or increasing in any manner. "Called Mavier in Hebrew a) Igniting, fueling or intesifying fire The Melacha of mavier may be defined as any manner of kindling fire. this includes igniting a fire or fueling and spreading an existing fire Examples: ...

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