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Rabbi Abarbanel explains it wasn't [Yehoshua 13 29]. I also remember he mentions it got bigger land compared to its size (only half a tribe) in order to convince them to stay on the eastern side ( Forgot where he explains this). It might be from the same reason that they are not bounded by the oath.


In addition to the other answer, consider that only two families of Menashe actually settled the land with Reuven and Gad. Thus, there would have been no point in applying the oath to Shevet Menashe because the six families of Menashe that settled in Eretz Yisrael itself were still going to cross the Yarden and fight with the rest of Bnai Yisrael. Had ...


Sure. We see in Yehoshua 1:13-15 that he reminds all two and a half tribes of "what Moshe the servant of Hashem commanded you," and after it's all over he calls all of them (Yehoshua 22:1-3) and praises them for keeping their word, using the same expression. Meshech Chochma explains why the condition wasn't explicitly mentioned by Moses to the half tribe of ...

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