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The minhag is kept by Yehudei Ashkenaz and Yehudei Polin. In the Siddur Sfas Yisroel (the siddur of Minhag Ashkenaz), it says that on Yom Kippur Koton, people should fast but that even if you don't fast you still say the selichos at Minchoh. The same is said in the Machzor Polin MiKol HaShanah. Also, it says if you fast, then you put on tallis and tefillin ...


No there is no prohibition to marry between these different groups. As long as they are from a kosher Jewish lineage (not offspring from a forbidden relationship, come from a Jewish mother etc.) there is no prohibition to marry them. Regarding Chassidim, there was a ban issued by the Vilna Gaon against them which included a ban in marriage. However this ...

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