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I would suggest, as others have, something along the lines of either Seforno or the Ramban. However, one of the best options to my mind is to begin learning the commentary of the Malbim (מלבי"ם - Rav Meir Leibush Ben Yechiel Michel z"l). If you can read the Hebrew, then I suggest getting a set and using that, but if you can't then Artscroll has a series ...


Hashem gives from Himself literally, just not totally. It is obviously impossible to grasp Hashem, but He does shine His glory. When someone is able to connect to Hashem, He is bestowing Himself in whatever amount. The Rambam says that perception of Hashem is the greatest enjoyment. This is what the Gemara refers to when it describes in Taanis 31 how the ...


the idea is to make yourself into a receptable capable of receiving/appreciating His goodness. once heard in a lecture by Rabbi Becher, where the beastie boys offered a raffle whose first prize is one week backstage with them. he said this could be either heaven or hell depending on where you are holding

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