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Rav Moshe Eisemann wrote a book about Dovid HaMelech called "Music Made in Heaven" - the subtitle of the book is "some thoughts on Dovid Hamelech and Sefer Tehillim." He does not go systematically through Tehillim, but he uses Tehillim as a means of analyzing events in Dovid Hamelech's life. I think it could largely satisfy what you are looking for. It's ...


If a five-time Oscar winner makes stupid comments about current political events he knows nothing about, does that mean we shouldn't trust his advice about acting? Of course we should: his acting has been tried and found true. Similarly (though l'havdil), any authority the Jewish community as a whole has examined over the years and accepted is a "winner".


In line with the his understanding of the snake as symbolic of the evil inclination (Gen. 3:1), the Sforno interprets the curse of the snake as symbolic of a person's plight in life (as affected by Adam's succumbing to the evil inclination). Sforno Gen. 3:14 ארור אתה מכל. שישיג תאוותיו וצרכיו בצער ובחסרון תענוג יותר מכל שאר בעלי חיים, כאמרם ראית חיה ...

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