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"Shabbatot" is the plural form of Shabbat ("-ot" is the plural feminine postfix, whereas "-im" is the masculine). "Shabbaton" is the Hebrew word from which we get "Sabbatical". It is a period of time required to allow agricultural fields to be left fallow. It was adopted as the term for time allowing for humans to rest and rejuvenate. The word comes from ...


I am guessing that nothing except they both have a kabolistic prayer after them We can probably understand this better by seeing the prayer said after both procedures Starts with May it be Your will. Chomets removal. Tashlich What I see is that chometz removel (a biblical mitzva) is connected with the removel of evil power (Egypt) that ruled over us by ...


A full Shabbos-friendly Hebrew set is available here. This is the full version of his commentary, not censored, although it is lacking in notes (as I gather from Daniel Klein's introduction to his English translation of Shemot).

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