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If the all black retzuos have a kosher shade of black on the insides/sides and back then when the glossy black paint wears off (They put a layer of gloss over the painted top) a matte shade of black will be revealed. This is also a kosher shade of black. Be sure to choose a pair of retzuos in which the underside/sides/inside are black as if they aren't then ...


Likely, the reference is to the story in I Samuel 5-6 where the Philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant in battle, and were stricken with hemorrhoids and rats whilst they held on to it. After 7 months, they returned the Ark to the Jews along with an offering of 5 Golden Hemorrhoids and 5 Golden Rats from the 5 Philistine cities. It's not unusual for ...

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