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Basically, the Bible says only eat it if it was killed properly. If it died any other way, you can feed it to your pet (i.e. you can derive benefit from it), just don't eat it. The same would apply to a cow that died of old age! There are only three categories of dead animals -- "kosher slaughtered"; "kosher slaughtered but it was going to die soon anyhow of ...


The short answer "Because G0d said so" The longer explanation, fills up volumes of books explaining "why" Hashem said so. You can start with Maimonides "Moreh L'nivuchim' (Guide for the Perplexed), as well as all the books that comment on it. While one of the reasons for the laws may include the humane treatment, the laws of ritual slaughter are not just ...


I have seen people wearing a coat over a kittel at an indoor wedding. When I asked, I was told that it is a matter of modesty. The chosson is not claiming an 'exalted' status that might be implied by wearing the kittel. I was not given a source for this.


Based on my knowledge - having grown up in the Yekkish Kehilla of Johannesburg and Strasbourg: Yekkes do not wear a Kittel/Sargenes during their first year of marriage. Some Yekkes do not wear a Kittel/Sargenes on Rosh Hashono at all, others wear it during the day-time services. On Yom Kippour all Yekkes seem to wear their Kittel/Sargenes ; after their ...

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