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I'm not following the context / reasoning behind your question. Clothes do not get a "huktzah lemitzvah" status (attached to a specific mitzvah or purpose) with regards to wearing it for Shabbat. People wear their Shabbat clothes midweek often. My son has about 50 identical white shirts (don't ask me why!) I know that he doesn't have shirts specifically ...


At the Shabbos Shuvah Drasha 5775, my rav mentioned that while they might be "legally correct", they are not in the spirit of the day because they are "too casual". Canvas sneakers are better. He did not go into detail beyond this. He also said that if that is all you have, then that is what you would have to wear.




A chazzan does not wear the talis to be yotzeh the mitzvah of tzitzis. He only wears it to have an atiffa, for kavod hatzibur. This is the same reason he doesn't make a bracha on it when he puts it on.

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