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women may not wear men's clothing. this question is assuming a particular shirt is women's clothing. If it were to be women's clothing then women could wear it but since the question is based on a false premise then these shirts would stay remain male clothing and no women may not wear them.


If one does not yet know that a garment contains shatnez, then one is allowed to try it on to see if it fits. If one already knows that there is shatnez in the garment, here is a machlokes between the Bais Yosef (Sefardim) and the Rama (Ashkenazim) as to whether or not one is allowed to try it on. The Bais Yosef says it is asur, and the Rama says that it ...


Seemingly being that in the Torah the avnet which was the sash or belt that the kohen would wear is called one of the BEGADIM However at the same time I can tell u that since the only purpose of the belt is for the pants maybe they are considered one piece.

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