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Today's HalachaText said that clothing should be worn for at least 30 minutes. I asked them for a source and they said this number came from Rav Elyashiv Ztl. שוב מצאתי I was looking for something else in Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen's Laws of the Three Weeks, and found that he quotes Rav YS Elyashiv there as saying a half an hour (page 85); in a footnote he ...


I got this in an email from a "dailyhalacha" service: During the Nine days (beginning Rosh Chodesh Av) the custom is that one does not wear freshly laundered clothing. Therefore, one should wear all the clothing one will need during the Nine days for a short while (according to many Poskim - 20 minutes), sometime before the start of the Nine ...

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