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Most of his rulings are according to his Rebbe Rabbi Schacther


Per Rabbi Yehuda Spitz on based on a letter written by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Aurbach to the Chazon Ish regarding teeth & dentures any food that remains in the mouth becomes repulsive and Pagum. He goes on to say that it is best not to eat any Chometz 24 hours prior and to drink a hot cup of water prior to Pesach, and that a proper oral cleaning is ...


There are two basic operating principles: make sure your food is not contaminated by chametz, and make sure you don't own any chametz. As far as what you eat, you'd need to clean your spaces well enough that chametz doesn't wind up in your food. If there are crumbs in the fridge/pantry that could get into your Passover food, clean them -- or keep your ...

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